What themes of resistance can be identified in Juno Calypso’s practise?

© Juno Calypso, A Dream In Green, 2015

Since the Renaissance, art has been shaped by the idea of itself as self-imagining, viewed and understood as the expression of a human subject. Today, we have the need to continually imagine ourselves as a picture in order to complete ourselves through the creation and observation of imagery. In short, we do not know how to exist anymore. Since the beginning of the rise of modern imaging technologies, it is the figure of the artist that is able to and responsible for pushing these technologies through art. The contemporary self has the platform and potential to push its limits through the advancement of technologies of visual representation. All of these images and projects enact the self and it is most commonly through the self portrait of the artists himself. The digital image, A Dream In Green, by Juno Calypso situates the case in a more contemporary set up and focuses on the appearance of a woman.



Institutional Violence in Formal Education