The Art Columnist is an online platform launched in October 2018 that aims to explore new perspectives on art and visual cultures through stories, articles, reviews, and art forms. We hope to generate relevant discourses from contributors in response to the world today.

It was officially launched by the Goldsmiths Visual Cultures Society in collaboration with the Goldsmiths Department of Visual Cultures.

Goldsmiths Visual Cultures Society

Michel Lavau

Mehroz Shaikh
Elijah Young

Bella Aleksandrova
Francesca Brierley
Hala Chekri
Anna Eaves
Maria Goundry
Lily Guy-Vogel
Adele Jarrar
Elena Konyushikhina
Tom Lisboa
Theodora Malekou
Caledonia Maxwell
Monika Milewska
Magdalena Paczocha
Lara Pereira
Georgia Perkins
Cristina Ricci
Seulki Ryu
Piotr Schifler
Anastasia Volynova
Zhuanxu Xu